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Top 3 EDC Items

You’ll see the acronym EDC thrown around a lot nowadays. From preppers, to survivalists, to posers; you’ll find tons of folks posting pictures on Instagram of their “every day carry” items. Sometimes this can get a bit ridiculous. I have literally seen people with backpacks packed to the brim with their “EDC” items. Today I’m going to dispel some myths about EDC and give you my top three items. These won’t be the specific items that I carry, because my life is different than yours and may require my items to be a bit different than yours. Today we’ll cover the three things that everyone should have in their EDC setup, regardless of where you are. Admittedly, this list may not work for individuals with professions that limit what you are able to carry on your person, but it’s my list nonetheless. First, I’d like to clarify what EDC truly is not. EDC is not things that you carry only when you know you will be outdoors. As the name suggests, these items are things that you will have with you EVERY DAY. Secondly, these are not items that you leave in a backpack in your car or truck. These are things you CARRY on your person. They should be accessible to you at all times. Lastly, your EDC doesn’t make you a prepper, survivalist, or any other other title you’d like to have. For those manly men out there, just understand that having an EDC setup doesn’t make you more of a man. As a matter of fact, women have been doing this for years. Its called a purse… Now that we have gotten all of the pretense out of the way, let’s look at these three Items. What I have here may shock you!

Item # 1 - Currency

Not what you expected? Times are changing. We are quickly moving into a “cashless society.” While there are benefits to this, it’s also very easy to find yourself in a bind. A few years ago, I quit carrying cash. Let’s face it, money is dirty. There’s no telling what there may be traces of on that dollar bill in your wallet. For all of the cons of carrying cash though, there is always that small chance that you’ll need it. While on a family trip to Colorado, I stopped to get gas. I pulled into the gas station and there was no card reader at the pump. I went inside to pre-pay, only to find that my card would not work because of a weird stipulation from my bank regarding gas stations and credit/debit transactions. I had allowed my gas tank to get dangerously low, but there was no way that I could get gas. I’m not a fan of credit cards, and the debit card was all that I had. Thankfully, we were able to make it to another station. On another occasion, I went to buy bait from a mom and pop store. They didn’t accept debit cards there either. I could go on and on about the times that I wished that I had cash on me. To this end, I keep what I call “emergency cash” on me. It’s not much, but it has gotten me out of a bind on several occasions. While we are moving “forward” with technology, and all enjoy our Apple Pay, PayPal, debit cards and such; cash is still a great thing to have on hand an you never know when you may find yourself in the store of a overall-clad, banjo playing, possum-roasting person who doesn’t have any use for that little piece of plastic in your wallet.

Item # 2 - Knife

You knew this was coming. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a blade on you at all times. I realize that some people cannot carry a knife on their person because of job requirements, or even laws regarding their place of business, however; if you can carry a knife, you should. I’m not going to get into the self-defense aspect, because it honestly doesn’t come up very often. Even if it did, there are very few people who are trained to use a knife quickly, efficiently, and safely in a combat situation. A knife is an important TOOL though. There will be a cross section of people who will want to burn me at the stake for saying this, but; a knife can be any number of tools at any time. “The right tool for the job” isn’t always available. A knife can make a great replacement for a screwdriver, prybar, and even a hammer if it’s the right knife. Whether you are removing a stray string from your shirt, gum from your shoe, or undergarments after an unfortunate event; a knife is a great thing to have. A blade of some sort is on just about every survivalist’s list of must-have items. Picking one that suits your needs and normal environment is important. While you may think Mick Dundee looked super cool walking around NewYork with his Bowie, that just isn’t practical for most folks. Unless you are in overalls and playing banjo in your general store, you don’t really need a huge knife on your person every day. A quality folder should be sufficient. Make sure that it stays sharp and in good repair, and you’re set. A multi-tool will also work to meet this need, but be sure that it has a quality blade. A $5 “Walmart special,” makes a cheap stocking stuffer, and that’s about it.

Item # 3 - Identification

The hardcore survivalists are moaning. The “Rambos” are still mad that I said they didn’t need a huge knife every day. And now, the folks who think that blue berets are moments from storming their city and taking their guns are floored that my third item is not a gun. If I am truly listing what I believe to be of the utmost importance and use to someone every single day, my third choice is identification. Many people take this for granted, but having an official ID on you can save your bacon in several situations. While the hardcore survivalists are ready to run to the woods to wait out the apocalypse, most people either cannot do this, or don’t have woods to run to. Proving that you are who you say you are, and that you belong where you are could be very important if things got bad. While a big knife may get you past one person, I seriously doubt it will get you anywhere with a police officer who is trying to sus out what needs to happen next in an emergency. Lastly, most people should know that those blue berets are more likely to leave you alone if you flash an ID rather than whatever your firearm of choice is. If the goal is to survive, taking on an army of trained soldiers with your compact pistol isn’t the smart move. Proving that you are who you are and belong where you are will go much further with folks trying to establish order. Please don’t confuse this for me stating that you shouldn’t carry a firearm. That’s just ridiculous. But my pistol doesn’t make my top three when it comes to my EDC setup.

It doesn't matter what your EDC looks like. Just make sure you have it!

Well, this was either enlightening or frustrating. EDC isn’t as exciting as most people think. The point is to carry what you need to succeed in every-day situations. If a gun falls into that category for you, then carry one. If you can’t carry a knife, find an alternative. Fingernail clippers can be unassuming, but very handy; especially those with a file on them. Currency, for you, may be as simple as change for the toll booth you go through every day. The bottom line is that your EDC should meet your specific needs and be an asset in your specific environment. What’s past these three items is up to you! It doesn't matter what your EDC looks like. Just make sure you have it! Until next week, be safe, and stay sharp!

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