UST Stoke Kit
  • UST Stoke Kit

    SKU: 20200021

    UST SparkWheel Stoke Kit is lightweight and convenient for starting fires. This kit includes the Micro SparkWheel Fire Starter, three flint replacements and two pieces of easy-sparking Light-Me Tinder, all stored in the durable anodized aluminum BASE Case 1.0 with an O-ring seal to keep the contents safe and dry. Everything you need to start a fire in an emergency or survival situation. The Light-Me tinder pieces are easy to light, simply tear or cut the tinder piece apart to expose the fine fibers.


    • Flint-Based Fire Starter
    • Made of Durable High-Quality Brass
    • Includes:
      • Micro SparkWheel Fire Starter
      • Three Flint Replacements
      • Two Pieces of Easy-Sparking Light-Me Tinder


    MSRP $11.09