Who We Are


Antioch Outfitters is more than just a business. We don’t just want to sell things, we want to change lives. Our goal is to provide quality outdoor equipment and apparel to people while also equipping them to thrive in every part of life. The dream is to use this business to fund a facility complete with camp grounds, bunk houses, hiking trails, and a conference center that will host a wealth of different programs for young and old alike. The "Outdoor Life Center" is something that we know will take a lot of work, and help from a community of like-minded people.

As part of this plan, we are releasing videos on our YouTube channel, Antioch Outdoors. This channel will provide entertaining videos on general outdoor topics, such as: survival skills, bushcrafting, hunting, fishing, and gear reviews. We hope to use this platform to share our mission with others. We’d also like to use this as an avenue to give back to the community, and help the community give to others as well. We will be looking for sponsors to partner with us as we provide hunting and fishing trips for people like pastors and missionaries who may need a little time of refreshing and encouragement. We want to help churches host Men’s Breakfasts and provide encouragement for the men who attend. We’d also like to sponsor conferences that focus on the outdoors and what we were created to be.

All of this takes a great deal of work, time, and help. We don’t want there to be any confusion. Antioch Outfitters is a for-profit business, but those profits will help to create opportunities for lives to be changed and for men, women, and children to not only enjoy the creation of God, but to know Him personally.

We look forward to serving you! Thank you for your support!